Human Resource Managemant System

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Technology/Framework: Laravel, PHP 7, MySQL

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Smart HR and Payroll Management System for your Business. Make your life easy ever you think. This app provides a new way to manage leave application, mark attendance, create daily task in a quick and easy way.

HRM (Human Resource Management) System is the bridge between Company and its Employees. This system allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically.

To put it another way, it may be viewed as software, for businesses big and small to take care of a number of activities, including those related to human resources, attendance, and payroll.

HRM System is easy to use and developed with Laravel. It has features like staff, Payroll, Task Management, awards, Holidays, total Income & Expense Ledger.


  1. Authorized Admin Panel
  2. User-Friendly Responsive Design
  3. Easy Information Assigning Process
  4. Smart Department, Employee management
  5. Smart Account management
  6. Maintain Attendance, Payroll, Salary, Notice Board
  7. Extra features like Award, Task, Holidays Management
  8. And overall settings for Admin Panel
  9. And many more facilities

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HR software can be configured to restrict or give access to assigned users depending on job title/ role. It can help in the management of different user types and categories. It also assists in Branch Information Management with a dashboard of branch-wise analytics.


A complete HR software centralizes all employee data in one place. It makes historical data management of employees at your fingertips. Usually, it stores all employee documents digitally. It can also provide a detailed analysis report of any employee and his/her performance. Powerful Dashboard analytics makes life easier.


It can be structured to follow the starting and closing of any specific leave year. It also provides support for the multi-level approver. In case you want a leave analysis report, you just need to click on the right command which can include employee leaves summary, insight details, leave status and much more data. It also comes with a fantastic dashboard.


Management needs HR software primarily to track attendance. It is beyond question how tedious a manual attendance system can be. Not to forget the loopholes of a manual system. Whereas an integrated HR software assures the best Attendance Monitoring recording. It can be customized for different configurations for attendance policies, setting up global holidays, uploading historical attendance data with a predefined format, and many more. It can also report on the availability of Employee Job Card and Employee attendance analysis.


Employees work for their salary. An HR software is highly configurable (salary breakups, deduction & adjustment, salary structure). It ensures the employees that their salary is calculated correctly. It reduces the workload for the managers with salary One-click salary generation process and various types of reports.

Self Service

With HR software, the employees can apply for leave and visit applications, provide daily attendance, view Profiles for both organizational and personal information by themselves. They can also find a report on monthly attendance. And the supervisors can approve pending leave and visit applications from their end. Not only is it faster but also it keeps a track record of each and every individual.



  • Check-In/ Check Out
  • Leave Application management: Employees can easily check their own reports as well as colleague report working under him/her.
  • Push Notification: Employees get a notification if any colleague working under, sends any leave application.
  • Project Task: Send daily task reports easily.
  • Employee Management
  • Project Management
  • Leave Management
  • Holidays Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Report Management
  • Leave Application Management
  • Performance Management
  • Settings

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